How Does Coconut Oil Benefit Dogs?

More people are realizing the importance of coconut oil, not only for people but also for other uses. One of the various uses of coconut oil is that it can be beneficial to dogs. Here are the ways in which coconut oil can benefit your dog.

For Skin Infections

Dogs are prone to skin infections especially if they get out a lot. This can be hard to treat if you do not know the right remedies. The dog may also be exposed to fleas which will cause the dog to become itchy and scratch their skin. Too much scratching may cause sores, not to mention the fact that too many fleas also affect the skin and the dog’s fur as well. If you are facing this problem, you can apply some coconut oil on the dog’s fur after giving them a bath.

The oil will help the fur become softer and it will help the skin to be less irritated. Coconut oil is also a good way to ensure the dog does not have too many fleas.

Disinfecting Wounds

Dogs tend to get injured a lot when they go playing. They may get bit by other dogs or crawl through a fence and get cut. If your dog has a wound, apply small amounts of coconut oil on the wound every day. The coconut oil acts as a disinfectant and speeds up the healing process. Make sure you wrap the wounded area properly after applying the oil because dogs often lick their wounds which means that the dog may lick off the oil before it does the job.

Aids In Weight Loss

Putting a small amount of coconut oil in your dog’s meals can aid in digestion. In addition to that, it also reduces the amount of fat in the food, which means that your dog will not be at risk of becoming overweight. It can also be helpful in reducing high blood pressure. If your dog is a breed that is likely to become overweight or suffer from high blood pressure then coconut oil is a great solution for that.

Helps Prevent Eye And Ear Infections

Your dog is at risk everytime they come into contact with other people’s pets. They may get an ear or eye infection. Coconut oil helps in preventing these infections so that the dog remains healthy.

It is advisable to ask your vet which type of coconut oil is best for your dog before administering it.