4 Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil comes from hemp plants. This is different from cannabis oil which comes from cannabis. Hemp is taller than cannabis and cannabis is leafier. These are two distinctions made with the plants but the oils also have distinct differences.

Cannabis contains higher concentrations of THC the compound that makes up the psychoactive properties. These are what give users a high. Hemp oil contains trace amounts of the THC which makes it incapable of producing a discernable high. This is where the debate begins about hemp oil versus cannabis.

It is found in certain fabrics, body care products, cleaning products and health foods. Legally, since it does not produce a high, proponents advocate its free use. But, it also has health benefits which only those who live in areas where cannabis is legal can freely partake in.

Hemp oil has essential amino acids and fatty acids which are good for health. It has properties that give it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has an ability to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been shown to kill off cells in the body that contribute to this debilitating disease.

When eaten, it provides healthy omega-3 fats as well as GLA. These boost the immune system. In turn, hemp is being shown as helping to prevent and sometimes improve certain cancers. While it is not a cure, it shows promise.

Hemp acts as an appetite suppressant. It will help anyone who eats it feel fuller longer. Ironically, in contrast to the hunger that cannabis can bring on, this substance stops sugar cravings and other cravings for food.

When cravings are under control, it is easier to lose weight. It is best to have hemp at breakfast so that hunger can be managed throughout the day. With its high fiber content, it also improves gastrointestinal health by adding to the probiotics in the digestive tract.

In a study done on women with PMS and women who are going through menopause, taking the help once a day reduced symptoms. It is believed the GLA in the hemp which is also present in evening primrose oil decreases irritability and depression along with fluid retention that is connected to both PMS and menopause.

The debate about legalizing marijuana and cannabis goes on. Hemp and hemp oil are available widely in areas where marijuana is legal. The pet industry is an area where hemp and CBD is becoming popular. Dogs can use tinctures and CBD treats like these. If you have access to it, enjoy the benefits it can bring to your health.